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  • Jan 24 2023

    • renamed this project's main building block from Bulletin to Digest, seems friendlier and better for puns (commit)

    Jan 23 2023

    • moved most of our projects on GitHub from @feltcoop to @feltjs, which will be a nonprofit, tightening @feltcoop's scope to be a platform operator at (still with the goal to be a platform co-op), and making @feltjs and its repos a community project more explicitly

    Jan 22 2023

    • posted the first draft of my second blog post, Modeling virtual social spaces: in this house we post cat pics on Saturday
    • posted my Svelte 4 wishlist to a Reddit thread in /r/sveltejs:
      • an opt-in way to better scale components - this has been mentioned by the team. I'd love to construct Svelte components from data without the compiler! I have no idea how feasible that is but it might be enabled by this feature. This could be a path for end users to "author" Svelte components without sandboxing or the compiler (with limits, but the way I do this today with an AST+component is much worse).
      • iterator support for #each or a similar construct (#iterate? it'd be nice to render sets/maps/etc without waste)
      • my two favorite RFCs are inline components and directive forwarding
      • shorthand style properties style:--some_css_var (without the ={var} part - I don't care about using kebab-case specifically for CSS vars, I think this wasn't implemented because of that, but +1 for snake_case CSS vars)
      • whitespace handling (inherited from HTML, so very unlikely to change I think), sometimes significant whitespace causes problems, and the fix makes the code much less readable, it's one of the only things I miss from JSX
      • I don't have specific suggestions but slots have some limitations that would be cool to see lifted
      • the syntax to pass CSS vars directly to components breaks things like :last-child and other selectors, I think it may be an intractable problem tho

    Jan 17 2023

    • added the Board view to Felt - it's like a chat room but upside-down, so the input is at the top and content flows downward, replies are nested, and the newest posts and replies appear at the top: a screenshot of the board

    Jan 11 2023

    Jan 8 2023

    Jan 3 2023

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    Jan 1 2023

    Dec 30 2022

    • created a long-term project named twc (pronounced "twick") that's the thick web client I want to be using (, source)
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